Cloth nappies for bigger children

So what happens when those 'birth to potty' get too tight?

You maybe finding that the elastics are leaving uncomfortable red marks, you are faced with a constant builders bum or your child is now getting endless leaks then it may be time to size up.

Or maybe this is your first foray into reusable cloth nappies and your child has long since past infancy. Most of these birth to potty nappies only fit to 35lbs/16kgs, which is the size of an average 3.5 year old. Admittedly thanks to the law of averages my son outgrew them by 2 years old and was no where near potty training, as are many of the children I help.

At first it may seem like cloth nappies are no longer an option, but when you dig a little further a whole world of options open up. Currently I know of 30 different brands and 62 different nappies that fit between 30-120lbs (14-54kgs) and I am sure there are more I have yet to find.

Thankfully as people realise there is a demand for bigger cloth nappies the more that are being made to cater for them, in the last year alone 3 new brands have developed junior sized nappies and i know of one more that is now looking at expanding their range.

There are a range of all in ones, two parters, pull ups and wraps available to suit all shapes and sizes and personal preferences. In addition to the following nappies you can also use simple terry squares (70cm or 90cm for bigger children) or size 4 prefolds in any branded cover or pocket which provide a simple, easy to customise and easy to wash option for anyone.
Here is the list of some of the cloth nappies that go beyond birth to potty:

Crossover nappies for bigger infants

These 'crossover' or Large One Size Fits Most (LOSFM) nappies are designed to fit the larger infant and last them until potty training. Whereas an average sized infant on the 50th centile who potty trains at 3 years old will weigh around 35lbs/16kgs. An infant following the 98th centile and above will likely outgrow typical birth to potty nappies from around 2 years old, reaching 45lbs/20kgs or more by 3. Therefore these nappies are a great option to buy when starting out if you know your child is on the higher centiles.

☀️Best Bottom Bigger (10-45lbs/4.5-20kgs)
☀️Little Love Bum Mighty (10-45lbs/4.5-20kgs)
☀️Crackadaks (11-45lbs/5-20kgs)
☀️Petite Crown Trima Plus (18-55lbs/8.2-25kgs)
☀️Lighthouse Supreme (15-55lbs/6.8-25kgs)
☀️Tuuptus (15-55lbs/6.8-25kgs)
☀️Bells Bumz junior pocket (17-55lbs/7-25kgs)
🌟Orion's size 1 pull up (22-48lbs/10-22kgs)
little love bum mighty

(Little Love Bum Mighty)

Toddler nappies to fit between 30 - 45lbs/14-20kgs

So you've been happily enjoying your BTP nappies, and suddenly they are getting too tight, the next selection contain some of the most well known brands who have expanded to size 3/XL nappies. If your child is average size and you expect to potty train within the next year or two then these are a great next step.

☀️Alva junior
☀️Ella's House XL Bumslender
☀️Little Lamb size 3 pocket
☀️Baby Beehind XL
🌜Tots Bots Bamboozle size 3
🌜Little lamb size 3 fitted 
🌜Ella's House XL bumhugger
🌜Motherease toddlease
🌜Topsy and Bo XL pull up*
🌜Kijani small pull up*
🌜Snuggleblanks superwetter XL
🌜Popolini XL fitted
🍃Tots Bots size 3 peanut wrap
🍃Little Lamb size 3 wrap
🍃Motherease XL rikki or airflow wrap
🍃Popolini vento xl wrap
🍃Nature Babys XL wrap
🍃Disana XL wool overpants
🌟Orion's size 1 pull up (22-48lbs/10-22kgs)
Little lamb size 3
(Little Lamb sized wrap)

Junior nappies 35 to 60lbs/16-27kgs

These nappies are more generous in size then the size 3/XL and are a great option if you're outgrowing your BTP or 'crossover' nappies but your child is on the higher centiles or expecting to take longer to potty train.
☀️Applecheaks size 3 pocket
☀️TJ Junior pull up
☀️TJ Junior pocket
☀️🌛 Hippynut junior pull up
☀️🌛 Baby Got Flat preflat
☀️🌛Bells Bumz junior pull up
🌜TJ Junior fitted nappy
🌜Easy Peasy Bumper (35-55lbs)
🌜Kijani medium pull up (40~)*
🌜Motherease small bedwetter (45-55lbs)
🌜Snuggleblanks XXL☆
🌜Topsy and Bo 2xl pull up (40-55 ish)*
🌜Topsy and Bo 2xl fitted
🌜Baby Beehind XL fitted (35-50lbs)
🍃TJ junior wrap (35-50lbs)
🍃Thirsties size 3 wrap
🍃Seedling Comodo plus wrap
🍃Pumpkin and pickle xxL fleece pull up
🍃MSC bloomies XL
🍃Disana XXL wool overpants
Baby Got Flat Preflat
(Baby Got Flat Preflat Size 3)

Junior+ nappies 35 to 70lbs/16-32kgs

Like the previous nappies these fit those who are just growing out of BTP but fit for even longer. These are perfect if you know toilet training is not a realistic expectation or that it may take a long time. 70lbs/32kgs is roughly the average size for a 10 year old so will fit many children a long time, getting maximum value for money.
☀️Bumgenius BIG pocket
☀️Imagine baby XL pocket
☀️Bambinex size 0 (50-70lb ish) all in 2*
☀️Grovia BIG O.N.E
☀️Baby beehind xxl aio (45lb-70lb)
☀️Frog and Bear pocket XL
☀️Thirsties XL pocket
☀️🌜 The Continence People XS all in 2 (50-70lbs ish)*
🌜Topsy and Bo 3xl pull up (50-70lb ish)*
🌜Bells bumz hemp junior fitted
🍃Bells Bumz junior wrap
🍃Kijani xl wrap
🍃Frog and Bear wrap XL
🌟Orion's size 2 pull up (48-85lbs/22-38kgs)
Kijani XL wrap(Kijani XL wrap)

Big Kids 60-100lbs/27-45kgs

These nappies work well for those that are outgrowing the junior nappies and will fit up to the average 13 year old.
☀️Applecheaks size 4 pocket
☀️Bambinex size 1, all in 2*
☀️🌛 Hippynut big kids pull up
🌜Topsy and Bo pull up - custom order*
🌜Kijani 8-12 yr pull up
🌜Snuggleblanks adult small
🍃Kijani 8-12yr wrap
🍃Pumpkin and pickle 3xL fleece pull up
🍃Thirsties size 4 wrap
Applecheaks size 4, kijani 7-12yr pull up and wrap, hippynut big kids pee can
(Applecheaks size 4, Kijani 7-12yr pull up and wrap, Hippynut big kids pull up)

Teenage 70 to 120lbs/31kgs-54kgs

For maximum cost efficiency these are the nappies to pick once the Junior+ are getting snug, however if you found the Big kids nappies where a better fit or easier to find then these will be your next option when they have been outgrown. These will fit up to an average sized 15 year old.
☀️Bumgenius bigger pocket
☀️Bambinex size 2, all in 2*
☀️🌜 The Continence People, small all in 2
🌜Topsy and Bo pull up - custom order*
🌜Kijani 13-18yrs pull up
🍃Kijani 13-18yrs wrap
🍃Pumpkin and Pickle 4xL fleece pull up
🌟Orion's size 3 pull up (85-110lbs/38-50kgs)
Topsy and Bo
(Topsy and Bo pull up)


These adult nappies come in a range of sizes, as people come in all shapes and sizes it is best to go to go by measurements to see which will fit best as some adults may find they fit in the teenage range others may need more generous sizing.
☀️Bambinex, all in one, size 3-5
☀️🌜 The Continence People, all in 2, medium/large
☀️🌜Topsy and Bo, pull up, adult small/medium/
🌜Topsy and Bo, fitted, adult small/medium
🌜Kijani adult pull up
🌜Snuggleblanks, Superwetter and Contislip, adult small/medium/large
(Snuggleblanks superwetter quick dry)
☀️Day nappies
🌜Night nappies
🍃 Wrap/Cover
*starred items go by measurements rather then weight, I've allocated to rough weight range I've found they fit.

When referring to 'average' size, I simply mean those on the 50th centile. All people come in different shapes and sizes, and you may find a nappy fits well outside of the parameters given for weight, age or size.

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