How does hiring work?

Choosing a hire kit

Each kit is split into rough weight ranges, so the best place to start is to weigh your child to see which size kit will fit the best. However, if you don't have some weighing scales then you can measure your child's waist and use that to choose which kit you need.

My hire kits come in 5 categories:

Newborn 5-12lbs/2.3kgs-5.5kgs

Infant 10-35lbs/4.5kgs-16kgs

Toddler 30-45lbs/14-20kgs, waist 16-22inches

Cub 45-60lbs/20-27kgs, waist 22-26inches

Bear 60-120lbs/27-45kgs, waist 26-30inches

What nappies?

If you know the exact nappies you want to try out then all you need to do is let me know. If you are unsure then there are a few things to think about:

Day or night? Day nappies are generally less bulky and therefore less absorbent then night nappies so it is important to establish what you need them for.

Nappy or Pull up? If your child is learning to potty train or embracing their independence then pull ups may be the best option. If your child needs more help then nappies may work best.

Light, average or heavy wetter? The best way to find out is to weigh an average nappy before and after use to find out how much capacity is needed, this is especially helpful for night nappies that need to contain 12+ hours of urine. If you are used to using cloth nappies then you may have an idea already, though weighing a nappy may still help.

Which size kit?

There are 3 size kits you can order:

Mini: 5 nappies, perfect for a night time or pull up only kit or if you know exactly what few nappies you want to try out.

Part time: 12 nappies, Ideal for trying out day time nappies, but can be used if you have a few day and night nappies you want to see.

Full time: 18 nappies, this generally comes with 4 night nappies and 14 day nappies, plus a couple extra prefolds or nappy inserts for additional nappy changes. this provides enough to wash every 2 days and perfect if you want to try a bit of everything.

You can choose which size kit you want before adding them to the cart.

Colour preference

There isn't the option to choose exactly what prints you would like, however you can decide whether you want some more girly or boyish prints or a mix of everything and I will try my best to accommodate your request. You can select your preference before putting a kit in your cart.

How long for?

Standard hire is for 4 weeks, or long term hire is 16 weeks. You can then extend the hire subject to availability. Choose length of hire while selecting the hire kit.

Choose your Extras

You can add Poppets cloth wipe solution sample pack, little lamb cloth wipes, disposable or fleece liners to your cart when selecting your hire kit, these items are then yours to keep.

Now what?

If you are still not sure what you want then you can email me on or message me on facebook and I will help you establish what you need.

If you know exactly what you want then it is time to check out! Select the kit you want, any extra's and then when at the checkout page write any preferences, questions or comments in the comment box.

Once ordered I will aim to post your hire kit within 7 days of the order. I will email you your hire booklet outlining the kit contents, information about the nappies, fit guide, wash guide and terms and conditions of hire.

All hirers get a bespoke personalised wash routine, simply fill in this form.

For more information on hiring cloth nappies click here



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