What size do the cloth pull-ups fit?

Size 1 fits 10-22kgs or roughly 1-4 years.

Size 2 fits 22-36kgs or roughly 4-8 years.

Size 3 fits 36-50kgs or roughly 8-12 years.

Size 4 fits 50-65kgs or roughly 12-21+ years

As all people are different, the exact fit will vary depending on their individual shape and size, for more information we recommend reading the full fit guide before purchasing.

What size does the changing mat fit?

The large changing mat meausres 70x120cms and fits roughly from 0-8 years old.

When would I use cloth pull-ups?

The pull-ups are designed to be used under a variety of situations. As an aid to potty training without additional inserts or boosted with any inserts you already have for day use. For heavier incontinence or night use they are perfectly teamed with the Orion's night/heavy wetter inserts.

Can I use a nappy cream?

Yes absolutely, it is best to wash at 60⁰c if using a more oily or zinc based cream. Zinc based creams may stain, but do not affect the usability of the nappies.

How to wash the Orion's cloth pull-ups.

Quite simply put, its a 2 step process starting with a short warm-hot wash of just nappies, wipes or heavily soiled clothing to rinse off the majority of soiling. Followed by a long warm-hot mainwash bulked up with family laundry for a deep clean. 

For optimal results we recommend following Clean Cloth Nappies, which is what our wash guide is based on. Please read the guidance prior to using our products to avoid accidental damage or voiding the warranty.

How to wash Orion's changing mats or nappy pods.

Basic principles of the wash guide above still apply, however it is recommended you detach the carry straps before washing. If the strap is dirty then place them into a laundry bag first to prevent it getting tangled around laundry. Because the changing mats are quite large, it may be best to wash them with towels and bedding, rather then a cloth nappy wash.

What is the maximum wash temperature?

For longevity it is best to wash at no hotter then 60⁰c, especially for for items with PUL or elastics. Occational use of up to a 90⁰c wash to sanitise inserts, boosters or liners will be fine.

What detergent can I use?

Any you would like to use! Whether liquid or powder, with or without enzymes, fragrance or stain removers, eco, plant based or mainstream detergents.

We not recommend eco eggs, soap nuts or homemade detergent as they are not very effective for cleaning heavily soiled laundry.

What is covered under warranty?

All products are made with the highest quality materials and therefore come with a 12 month warranty against major manufacturing faults. This includes faulty PUL, snaps, stitching, fabric and fastenings.

It does not include general wear and tear such as bobbling, shrinkage or fading over time.  Damage from not following our wash and storage advice. Products not fitting, leaks or general change of mind. Improper use of high heat, chemicals and laundry additives. Second hand products or modifications.

Can I sanitise the cloth pull-ups and accessories? 

Yes, though not required regularly, you may want to sanitise due to buying 2nd hand nappies, ammonia build up or fungal infections. See here for more information. Following advice that doesn't conform to Clean Cloth Nappies guidance may result in damage to products, shorten their lifespan and may void the warranty. If in any doubt please get in touch for advice before sanitising.


Brand new, unused items may be returned with any accompanying packaging and tags within 28 days of purchase and must include proof of purchase. Please contact us first for the postal address and to authorise the return.

We do not accept returns due to change of mind, sizing issues or because you have found it cheaper elsewhere. If you have any questions please get in touch prior to ordering.

Refunds will be paid via the original payment method and may take 7-10 days to process. If you have bought from a stockist then returns must be processed through them.